Version 1.4

Automatically generate end-to-end tests from user interaction events


  • Automatically generate Cypress tests
  • Automatically generate Playwright tests
  • Automatically generate Puppeteer

Version 1.3

Adding screenshots and screen recordings to the logs. Attaching static, styled html in generated logs archive. Automatically adding all the screenshots and screen recordings taken to the generated logs archive.


  • Automatically add screenshots to generated logs archive
  • Automatically add screen recordings to generated logs archive
  • Show screen recordings in logs
  • Show screenshots in logs

Version 1.2

Added Websocket support


  • WebSocket interceptor

Version 1.1

Added screen recording, screenshots. More compact layouts, a lot of bugfixes.


  • Implemented screen recording
  • Implemented screenshots
  • Improved network cards UI

Version 1.0

Initial version


  • HTTP interceptor
  • Console logs interceptor
  • User interaction interceptor
  • Navigation interceptor